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  • How do I burn my sage stick?
    1. Set an Intention. Why are you burning your stick? ​ Did you buy a new home? Looking for a fresh start? Have a recent break-up? ​ ​ 2. Select a tray or shell that is meaningful to you + fire resistant. Fill it with sand or salt. ​ ​ 3. Open your doors + windows. ​ This will help smoke + negative energy escape your space during the burning process. ​ ​ 4. Hold your stick over your tray/shell + light it. Let it burn for 5-8 seconds. Blow the fire out + let the embers smoke. ​ *Be mindful that small particles may fall as your stick smokes. Always keep your tray/shell under your stick to prevent a fire.* ​ ​ 5. State your intention as your walk through your space: "Cleanse my home of negative energy!" ​ ​ 6. As the smoke flows, walk to each corner of your space. Focus on gateways such as windows + doors where negative energy can escape. ​ ​ 7. Once you have cleansed your space, gently press your stick into the sand/salt to fully extinguish the smoke. ​ 8. Enjoy the good vibes!
  • Can I customize a sage stick?
    Yes, we are always happy to customize our sticks! Please reach out to us directly to get more information on the required minimums and pricing for customized sticks.
  • Is your sage sustainably sourced and ethically grown?
    Our sage is 100% organic. There are no pesticides or chemicals used or added. The harvesting process is most important. The farmers cut the flowers, not the root, which allows the growth of sage all year long. By leaving the root intact, it is assuring that it does not contribute to the extinction of the sage plant. Our white sage is ethically grown and sustainable.
  • Can I customize my box?
    We can customize boxes for large events at an additional cost. If interested, please contact us directly at
  • How do I return my sage stick?
    We do not accept returns, all purchases are final sale. If you are not satisfied with your stick please contact us directly at
  • Where is your sage grown?
    Our sage is grown in the mountains of Southern California on farms that practice very strict agricultural guidelines.
  • Can you provide more information about your botanicals?
    Sustainability: All of our growers exercise environmentally sustainable and socially responsible practices to cultivate, grow, harvest and pack our flowers. They strongly believe that every contribution to preserve the environment makes a difference to create a greener, better planet. Environmental management: Some of their practices include collecting and storing rain water for irrigation use, use of effective irrigation technology, organic waste recycling, and emphasizing eco-friendly pest control using green and traditional techniques, while minimizing the use of chemicals.
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